We have our favorites for sure

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Just a Guy who Loves Great American Restaurant Food

Its part of our culture, my wife and I. Personally, I have been going and eating in great restaurants since I can remember the love affair with eating out vs. eating in really took off when I was in the Navy in my late teens / early 20s.

To this day, my wife and eat out a lot.  We have our favorites for sure. Having lived all over the country it seems that in each and every region we end up with favorite restaurants. And today, with so many restaurants focusing on health consciousness, we can eat at most of our favorite places and feel as if we are taking care of ourselves. Of course we do have our cheater restaurants, where we go and eat just because we love the food and not to worry about how healthy it is.

We cook at home also, but when we do we are usually trying to mimic something we found in a restaurant. We actually did pretty good most of the time, but it was never quite as good.  Anyway, for those who enjoy good restaurant food I thought it a good idea to introduce you to a recipe ebook that uncovers so many of our favorite famous restaurant recipes. We enjoy making the meals at home, although we still eat out a lot too mostly for the social culture part of it. You can learn more about this cookbook by going to my main page on this blog. I hope the experience of making food with copycat restaurant recipes turns out as fun and enjoyable for you and your family as it did for us.

Enjoy the information and cheers to you and yours !



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