The Food Genie

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In our world, we are getting fat and we are throwing away a lot of food, in their world, they dont have any food. So if you use Genie, you can distribute the food better, you can have the shelf life much longer without the preservatives, give the people better food for them. We can even the food distribution in the world. Thats a very, very important goal for us. You choose the capsule and put it inside Genie. Genie then adds liquids, mixes and bakes it in the exact time and way needed, even to your personal tastes. In less than a minute, you have a hot, fresh, tasty meal. Menu for The Sauce Burger Cafe, Food Genie Exclusive Deal, Grilled Burgers, Crispy Chicken (in fried chicken), Smash, Beef/Grilled, Chicken Burgers, Make it A Meal (Fries & Drinks), Potomatoes, Saladose, Shakes, Fries, Drinks.

The Food Genie gives people the power to change their lives through good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Most people would like to think their diet is fairly healthy – with only a little junk food or alcohol – but The Food Genie will teach you how to eat proper food, prepared by you instead of the highly processed, pre-packaged foods we are led to believe is good for our bodies. I am here to sell you a fad food genie. My aim is to give people the power to change their lives through good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

To get the most out of your relationship with food, The Food Genie offers a choice of meal plans to teach you in a practical setting how to enjoy the right foods to fuel your body. Each plan created by The Food Genie is tailored to your needs, issues and of course, goals. Genie at your service. The machine uses ingredients that have been dehydrated naturally. These ingredients are then packed in pods. There are no restrictions to meals it can make. From savory to sweet to coffee to variety of snacks, this genie can deliver them in a jiffy. The ingredients are free from artificial flavorings or preservatives. Its a revolution in food technology that could deliver your food fantasy to your plate in less than a minute. With a string of local distributors and sales.

Food Genie stands for incomparable service and a magical dining experience. Sumptuous food is our birth right. And we are here to facilitate that. FoodGenie allows patrons to scour hundreds of restaurants in their area and order from a delectable selection of cuisines and dishes. You can do that too. This category has the following subcategories menufor example Breakfast, Starters, Soups, Tandoori Hut Specialities, Pizzas, Karahi, Chinese, Rice, Naan, Arabic Desserts, Beverages, Fast Food Pakistani, Arabic & Turkish.


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