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Italian food recipes from Olive Garden are some of my favorite dinner party recipes along with Applebees Recipes. On a side note, I also love the atmosphere of the Olive Garden. Whenever I walk into that Pasta Primo restaurant the song Old Napoli by Dean Martin song pops into my head. Needless to say when I am looking for easy cooking recipes the Italian food recipes from Olive Garden top my list.

I definitely have a weakness for good pasta. I think Olive Garden was the first restaurant I convinced my wife to try to dip her pre-dinner bread into olive oil and herbs. It wasnt the last. If we go to an Italian restaurant now we expect to be able to have that treat. As a guy who loves to eat and cook, I am always on the lookout for dinner party recipes, Italian food recipes, easy appetizer recipes, and easy cooking recipes, especially if they are FAMOUS RESTAURANT RECIPES. I totally enjoy having my friends or family over and to their delight, when they chomp into something I have created, they look up at me and say something like hey that tastes just like food from Olive Garden, or Outback, or Red Lobster, or sometimes I cook up a RECIPE OF FRIED CHICKEN KENTUCKY style if you know what I mean. I really get a kick out of that.

Here is a tidbit of information for you on the history of Olive Garden. The restaurant was originally opened in 1982 in Orlando, FL under the name of The Green Frog. When I learned that i thought it was hilarious because I remember when I was in Navy bootcamp in Orlando in 1983 I went to The Green Frog. I actually remember it being a Mexican food restaurant, but obviously my memory is off base no pun intended for those Military people. Anyway back to Italian food recipes from Olive Garden. I have the ebook of the recipes and I use it all the time. Olive Garden, KFC, Outback, and of course I also get the Applebees Recipes. I highly recommend it if you like to cook now, or if you dont cook very often but want to shock your friends or family, get it and learn some famous restaurant recipes. CLICK HERE TO GET ITALIAN FOOD RECIPES FROM OLIVE GARDEN


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